On the future of obsidian word processing

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to use it to link my notes as full-fledged word processing documents and be able to make them more beautiful with more ease. We quickly got a lot of notes with Obsidian and it’s really the best! But if I have to spend a lot of time making them beautiful, it’s a bit of a shame.

Proposed solution

To start, it would be amazing to be able to use obsidian with word processing features like Bold or Italic without having to go through *** to save time. In addition, it is a system that synergizes very poorly with other features and Plug-Ins.

I love obsidian ! I use it every days for my job and more. So i can’t wait to see him evolve!

Thanks for reading this.

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You can explore some third-party plugins like Editor Toolbar.

I don’t know if this is a cut-down meant for the core developers of Obsidian or the devs of free third-party plugins or both but I’m not here to judge.

Also, for me, functionality (automation and customizability) and content win out over beauty any day.

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Obsidian isn’t really designed to be a full word processor (tho of course it can be made into many things).

The standard shortcuts like Ctrl/Cmd-B work. If you want buttons, there is a plugin or 2 that adds formatting buttons.

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Generally the larger impacts of the lack of GUI buttons for basic inline formatting for the user base and its profile distribution is unknown. There are many types of serious writers, some may find the lack of GUI buttons for basic inline formatting unforgiving while others find it just irritating, weird or unexpected.

@Virgile I recommend using Pandoc to convert markdown files to docx. This way you have a way to transfer your structured knowledge to style dependent knowledge. When using Obsidian we believe that structured knowledge should be distinct from style, i.e. vertical or horizontal editing toolbar doesn’t serve any purpose since it would only contain 3-4 actions which doesn’t justify its permanent placement. Although I believe that after the introduction of tables editing, a temporary editing pop up menu could be justified with actions such as add table. Obviously such feature is hard to implement without copying MS Word. The context menu in MS Word is very beautiful and elegant.

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