On Launch Event

Hey everyone,

I’m in the process of making my plugin (as found here) more user friendly and have run into a road block.

Currently whenever the plugin is enabled it runs a function to “lazy load” other plugins. This works fine and dandy as long as the plugin stays enabled, but if I user were to do some enabling & disabling of their plugins that may no longer stay the case. I doubt this would happen often, but I there’s no reason to annoy a user like this.

So basically I’m needing a way to only run the function on launch of Obsidian (assuming my plugin is enabled) instead when the onload of my plugin is called.

I’m sure the data exists somewhere. Really just an INT with seconds since launch would suffice; however, this must work without consideration for other open vaults.

I appreciate your time and would appreciate some advice even more so. :slight_smile: