Omnibar that combines "command palette" and "quick switcher"

I find myself opening the command palette when trying to find a specific file.

I’d like just one “thing” where I can type in the thing that I want, and matches for both files and commands are shown, similar to what IntelliJ does.

I’d be fine if this were not the default, but simply an option we could opt into (e.g. perhaps a boolean flag for the command palette with something like “also include files in search result”).


That would be a nice plugin. I’m not completely sure I’d like the ombibar to be the default, but I do like it in other apps, so perhaps it’d be welcomed it Obsidian.

YES - an omni-search bar a-la Evernote, Notion etc.
I realise this post was from a few months back, has anyone made a plugin for this?

same request.

  • Plus including regular search within notes into this omni-bar, rather than just searching titles

There are these two plugins that spice up the quick switcher, they might be worth a look.

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