OK to use junctions (symlinks) on Win10, Obsidian v.0.15?

I’m on Win10, Obsidian v0.15. According to the page below, since v0.11 Obsidian supports symlinks. I’ve also seen older posts (when Obsidian didn’t support symlinks) with plugins etc. Before I start using symlinks, I’d like to verify that Obsidian v0.15 does support symlinks on Win, no plugins are necessary, and this applies to both database and non-database files (css etc), is this correct? Of course all the warnings apply (no loops, keep clean separation etc)

Symlinks in Obsidian

Symlink support via plugin

The official answer is contained in the official help page that you linked. No more no less.

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Any particular reason you’re trying to be rude to your users? A simple “Yes, you can use symlinks now with the limitations you mentioned” would be much more friendly.

I didn’t find the answer unfriendly, so maybe it’s just in how you choose to interpret it?

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