Odd emoji rendering in 0.10.11/12

REVISED: apparently a theme issue with more than one theme, so something changed in how themes react to app:

emojis that appeared in one line in edit mode also used to render on one line in preview mode, but in 0.10.11/12/13 now render on a new, separate line, which is /not/ wanted:

example edit—

example preview—

Can’t repro. Post a screenshot. Default css and no plugins as always.

sorry: another theme issue :roll_eyes:

See revised comments: affects more than 1 theme, so something inside changed that needs to be communicated to the theme community…

Is this issue resolved? I still can observe it with several theme.

I still get it on desktop (and iOS), but it seems to be sourced from a plugin, as an “un-plugged-in” test vault does not have the issue.