Odd coloring of numbers in YAML

  • Obsidian 0.15.9 (installer 0.15.9)
  • restricted mode ON
  • no CSS snippets
  • default and minimal theme

Not a huge issue but wondering why I have some odd coloring for certain numbers in my YAML. The last two digits of time are colored (red using the default theme, purple using the minimal theme). It looks like span.cm-hmd-frontmatter.cm-number. Anyone have any idea why? Is it normal for time to be colored YAML?

It is because of the colon used in the time format. You will need to enclose everything after the colon with ' or " to prevent only the seconds from having a different color. Although, this will cause the entire YAML key to change color.

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Ah. I’m only familiar with the basics of YAML for use in Obsidian. I’ll read up. Thanks.

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