#ObsidianBounties $100 better graph view

Hi i need very much that enhancements for Obsidian Graph View (and i feel that it will never be added in app by developers themselves natively).

  • possibility to “temporary” hide individual nodes/notes from graph view on right click (or any other button) and then return it visibility back on
  • possibility to save positions of all notes (so they stop be dynamical temporary and change their location). I want to visually group them as i need and “freeze” their positions temporary.
  • possibility to add text labels and figures with colors (squares,circles, the most common ones) like in Visio, Lucidchart etc. on the graph view board. (something like free form diagram enhancement + native notes).

I am paying for RoamResearch anyway so why not to improve Obsidian for that money and start using only Obsidian?
$100 money reward. :moneybag:
Is it possible?
Such possibilities will give huge boost for better researching on Graph view mode.


Hi, I find this a great idea. I am willing to pay for this enhancement for Obsidian Graph View as a reward for developers (just tell me where to do it when it is done). I would give 50€.


We could to organize trust fund together :smile: .
I saw that idea of bounties in Roam Twitter so i thought it could be a great idea to integrate “bounty reward practice” into Obsidian community :+1:.
Until now there is no any volunteers to develop that enchantments.
So i don’t know if that idea will be successfull.
Maybe your offer 50€ + mine 100$ offer could find some interested developers…
So you @Martin1 can also suggest some ideas what you wish to add to that enhancement in order to attract developers or investors…


I am starting to use Obsidian for my PhD. The graph where I can see new connections is the main feature that brought me here. I think that suggested enchantments are important to make the graph better. I will think about the graph and suggest some ideas when I will get them. And the idea to make “bounty reward practice” is also great. Maybe it could be a part of the forum :smiley: