Obsidian Work on New iPad w/M1?

I’m returning to Obsidian after nearly a year off (for health reasons). I want to sell my laptop and use my new iPad Pro as my main device.

Does Obsidian work just like the desktop/laptop version? Any concerns about community plugins, or other elements not working on the iPad?

Working pretty great on my 12.9! Some community plugins aren’t compatible with mobile, but I can live with that.
Sliding panes, you can’t scroll left and right with trackpad… but that’s a minor nuisance. I’m very happy with it.

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Thank you, I appreciate your reply.

I would caution against getting rid of laptop. The iPad File Manager is absolutely woeful and you will not be able to modify your obsidian configuration because it is stored in a hidden folder, (.obsidian), which you can’t see on the iPad, no matter what you do. I have a 3rd Gen iPad Pro and am majorly frustrated by the file handling facilities - so much so I use my iPad to log in to my Mac desktop to use obsidian.


I agree with @peteread on not getting rid of the laptop. Using an iPad pro as laptop replacement is better in theory than in practice.

For manipulating the .obsidian folder, there are solutions however. There’s been some talk recently in Obsidian Discord.
Textastic can do that f.ex.


Thank you. Does that mean you’re not syncing your Obsidian db?

Thanks. Haven’t been a fan of Discord (too much noise) but I’ll check it out. I appreciate it.

If you’d like a hand with trimming down notifications please feel free to reach out.

I had this problem after about a year or two into using Discord and spent a good weekend learning the best “strategy” that I’d be happy to show you. It won’t take you a full weekend to pick up, just 10 - 15 minutes.

Oh, that’s very kind of you. I’ll DM you. Thanks :smiley:

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