Obsidian wont open vault on app launch

On my work computer, if I launch Obsidian it will automatically open the last vault that I was working on (I have two vaults). On my home computer when I launch Obsidian it will just launch the app but no window will open. I have go to the file menu and select “Open Vault” and then click to open the vault. I also noticed that the “Open Recent” option in the file menu is empty, whereas on my work computer it shows both of my vaults for quick selection. I am using Obsidian Sync. Once I open the vault manually, everything works fine.

I have tried looking in settings to see if there is an option for a default vault or an option to automatically open the last vault on launch, but could not find any such option. I am led to believe that my home copy of Obsidian isn’t able to remember the last vault I was working on. Any ideas how to fix this?

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