Obsidian won't open - EPERM error warning

I posted in discord but trying here too.

Yesterday my iMac instance of Obsidian wasn’t synching properly the setting and appearance so I tried to set up a different configuration file in About → override config file

that seemed to break everything and I can’t create a new vault anywhere on my computer without invoking an EPERM error (see screenshot). I can’t go back and fix the config because Im blocked from getting to the settings with the error:

I can open other vaults that were existing before but can’t create a new vault anywhere on my hard drive without getting the error EPERM: operation not permitted…"

I think I may need one on one developer support help but not sure where to turn or email?

Things I have tried

I have searched forum and discord for this error and others have had it but typically on Windows - and no one has posted a clear solution

I have tried deleting the application and reinstalling
I have tried Time Machine back restore of the folder holding preferences in hopes that could revert to original - that failed too
no clue how to fix

My best guess is your running into Apple’s new security restrictions on folder access. Try adding Obsidian to Files & Folders or Full Disk Access in the Security & Privacy System Preferences.

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Thanks for suggestion - I forgot to mention that I did try that and still no luck =(

it has full disk access

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