Obsidian web plugin with support for various cloud services

Hello, I would like to thank the developers for creating such a powerful and convenient solution as Obsidian.
In this topic, I would like to suggest an idea for future versions of Obsidian, in which a web plugin will appear, which can be accessed via the Internet if there is an account in the Obsidian system.
I would like this web plugin to have all the same functions as a regular obsidian, but with the ability to access it via the network without installing Obsidian on a computer, because it often happens that you need to start a project, or organize an idea, but there is no computer at hand, and it is not very convenient to print and work from the phone.
I also wanted this web plugin to have support for various cloud services, such as google drive, dropbox, icloud.
I believe that if Obsidian has such a web service, it will be able to revolutionize the work with notes, since it will be possible to work with markdown notes from any device, since now any average user has a computer and Internet access.
I ask the community to support this idea so that it will see the light in the future) Thank you all in advance)