Obsidian Versions -How to go back?

Things I have tried

Is there a url that lists the various Obsidian versions for the “free versions” as well as the “insider versions”
? I updated my account to get the “Insider Versions”
and try them out, but I can not seem to go back to what I had before I did. The current version on the download page says 0.15.9 for the MAC, but I download it and get 0.16.4.

What I’m trying to do

You might have to turn off “Automatic updates” and “Receive insider builds”. And then try reinstalling from 0.15.9.

If those are both checked off, and you still end up with 0.16.4, you might have to delete the app settings folder in ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian (Backup first to be safe, but this shouldn’t affect your vaults in any way. But it will likely forget your list of open vaults.)


Additional info:

From CarlBot:

If you need to roll back, disable insider build, wipe out the downloaded upgrade, and restart Obsidian. If you aren’t on the latest public installer, download and install over your current installation.

Upgrade file location (delete this and restart obsidian):
Win: %appdata%/obsidian/obsidian-0.xx.xx.asar
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/obsidian-0.xx.xx.asar
Linux: ~/.config/obsidian/obsidian-0.xx.xx.asar


Thanks; erasing the library as suggested worked.


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thanks for the quick reply.

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