Obsidian Vault to static html site

Is there any way to convert an obsidian vault to static HTML files. I’m looking for a way to publish all of some of the notes and having this would be very useful.

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This is the premise of the Publish feature on Obsidian’s roadmap.

Others have discussed alternatives here on the forum already, e.g., Github Wiki kinda works to host the wiki!

Thanks for sharing the link! The Github Wiki does kind of work, but it breaks enough things that I feel it won’t be worthwhile, and it might be better to wait until the Publish feature is released. Thanks!

Hey, @spot! I don’t know if you still need this info, but I found Neuron and it looks like it does just what you need.

I’m sure more advanced users on this forum might have an opinion about it but I think it looks promising.

This Obsidian to HTML converter might be doing what you’re looking for. It works for the conversion of (part of) my Obsidian Vault to my statically generated website.


I can’t find the repo listed in the last post, maybe it was renamed/removed.

But I wrote a pypi package that converts your obsidian folder to proper markdown and then that markdown to html. (Responding here because google points people here).

You can find the example site here, it also documents the features of the package: https://obsidian-html.github.io/

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