Obsidian + Vault + Files as a Self-Contained Environment for Offline Distribution

Context: I am proposing to write my thesis from the Obsidian environment. To show relational graphs as a method of writing and insight.


  1. Each markdown file would be protected. With a password and / or encryption of my choice. (How do I achieve this, regardless of the operating system?)
  2. Each note/file would be read-only. Matter of academic security and authorship.
  3. Obsidian needs to be accessible from inside the folder containing the notes, loading all the extra plugins and layout, and reading the notes without being able to edit them. Acting as a viewer only.

It’s possible?


You might be able to do numbers 2 and 3 by sharing a Dropbox folder only giving people “viewing” rights. The .obsidian folder would save the layout that you most recently used and should replicate it for anyone who opens the folder as an Obsidian vault.

I am not aware of a way to achieve number 1.

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I just realized Obsidian Publish might be perfect for you. Here’s how it might meet all three of your criterion:

  1. You can protect your published site with a password.
  2. You cannot edit files while on an Obsidian Publish site.
  3. Viewers will be able to view (and search for) anything you publish to the site. Obsidian Publish has its own layout and doesn’t let you add plugins, but this shouldn’t be an issue unless you need a specific feature that Obsidian Publish doesn’t already have.

I suggest you check out some examples listed on the Obsidian Publish page to see if this might work for you. Here’s the link:

The only issue is that I also want a future proof solution to my files. As a thesis, they must be accessible through time. And we don’t know if Obsidian will be available in the future.

I wish developers come with some solution for that, similar to compiled html of Microsoft.

@silver pls note this, and seek solutions from community and delete this line when you read this