Obsidian using %20% instead of dashes for blank spaces

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Hi, I have these links in my Obsidian notes which use %20% for blank spaces, so:

[text here](#sub%20%heading)

# main heading

## sub heading

but when I push the vault on GitHub, links don’t work because GH uses dashes for blank spaces (so it’d be sub-heading instead of sub%20%heading). How can I fix this so links work both in Obsidian and GitHub?

How about entering dashes in place of blank spaces when you’re creating the note?

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I don’t know about Github, but was this a hand-typed typo? %20, not %20%

Yep. My bad, it’s %20 not %20%

So I should make headings like Title-Of-Heading this? would be a workaround but it doesn’t look good…

It’s only the names that wouldn’t look good. You’ve got the rest of the actual notes to write more stylishly. I have long used dashes in my file names. Notes in Obsidian are just files.

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Did you search the forum? There was another post about this. I don’t remember if they found a good solution (I think they didn’t).

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