Obsidian uses a lot of battery due syncing with icloud

Hi Guys,

I am new to Obsidian but since i searched for a better alternative to noteteking app i wanted to try Obsidian and i really like it, but…
I’ve searched for the answer but couldn’t find it . I have y obsidian running on windows and my vault on icloud drive because i use iphone. It’s working but i’ve notices a huge difference in battery drain on my laptop and thats propably because everyth i do would be sync. I found someth aobut fs watcher delay but i can’t find it. I someone could help me with this would be fine.


I haven’t heard of battery issues with Obsidian before.

Probably not what you want to hear, but iCloud and Windows isn’t recommended for Obsidian.

The Discord bot response when someone mentions “iCloud on Windows” in the Obsidian Discord server:

iCloud on Windows is known to cause file duplication and corruption issues. We highly suggest avoiding using this combination.

Other options are here:

Yes I’ve read that but because I use iCloud Drive with my iPhone I thought I wil try and see how it works. After few days test it seems to work pretty well except increased battery drain. I think it ha something to do with syncing while typing. If I could just increase the delay so that obsidian sync my note while typing for example every 60 seconds would be great test. So I found somewhere a post over fa watcher delay but I cannot find this option anywhere? Canceling please help me with this ?

Obsidian isn’t syncing your note, iCloud is. But Obsidian saves very often (I think every few seconds) which may trigger iCloud’s syncing. You can’t change how often Obsidian saves and it would surprise me to learn that you can control how often iCloud syncs. If you can link to the post it may be easier for someone to help.

If you’re determined to use iCloud on Windows, watch out for file problems.

There is this alleged solution to the iCloud on Windows problem which I’d love to see confirmed or disproven: https://forum.obsidian.md/t/sync-ios-and-windows-10-without-subscription/56776/14?u=cawlinteffid (The explanation sounded plausible to me at first but on reflection I’d think that iCloud would be syncing the config folder anyway, so I don’t know why it would help. But if it does help, that would be great.)