Obsidian:// urls aren't clickable links in view mode

Steps to reproduce

Make a note with an obsidian url link e.g. [Help](obsidian://vault/Obsidian Help) or obsidian://vault/Obsidian Help

Expected result

Both types of links are clickable in both edit mode and preview mode and it should run the appropriate obsidian:// url handler action.

Actual result

  • The []() style link is cmd-clickable in edit mode but not preview mode
  • The bare obsidian:// url isn’t clickable as a link in either mode.


  • Operating system:
    macos 11.1

  • Obsidian version:

this is not avalid url.
This is

Thanks for pointing out the url escaping. I guess what I’m trying to point out is the more confusing difference in experience. The subject of the bug could be made clearer.

  • [Help](obsidian://vault/Obsidian%20Help) is clickable in both edit and view mode
  • [Help](obsidian://vault/Obsidian Help) is clickable in edit but not view mode
  • obsidian:// is never recognized as a valid url in either view or edit mode.

Bug part 1:

So in that spirit, if a bare obsidian:// were recognized as a valid url format then the rendering of the link would have made it obvious what’s clickable

eg: [Help](obsidian://vault/Obsidian Help)

Bug Part 2:
That still points to an inconsistency of url string escaping between edit and view mode. Take for example [Foo](http://example.com/Welcome Reader). In edit mode the clicked link opens http://example.com/Welcome%20Reader but in view mode it’s rendered like [Foo](http://example.com/Welcome Reader) and the clickable link opens http://example.com/Welcome