Obsidian URI Handling Doesn't Open Active Window (Linux)

What I’m trying to do

Using the url obsidian://open?vault=VaultName I want to open a vault, or open specific notes with more parameters as described on Using Obsidian URI - Obsidian Help

My System

I’m running Manjaro OS, and I’m using AwesomeWM as my window manager.

Things I have tried

The XDG x-scheme-handler/obsidian is set to my obsidian.desktop entry. I’ve tried a few different versions of the supported Obsidian URIs.

What happens

Before opening URI:

After opening URI:

A second window opens, which becomes stuck on this “Loading cache…” screen, instead of focusing the existing instance of the vault. I’ve also done this with a link to a specific note but the same thing happens.

I suspect something in the way that Obsidian checks for an existing instance is having an issue here. Perhaps AwesomeWM or X11 is somehow interfering with it.

Any ideas? TIA

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