Obsidian Training Videos—NOT Zettelkasten

I have some extra time on my hands over the next two weeks so I have an opportunity to accelerate my learning.

I have a good handle on the basics of Obsidian (having experimented several times and having finally settled on my best use of the program). What I want to do is accelerate my learning curve. I’m NOT looking for Zettelkasten training.

I’m looking specifically for good Obsidian app training videos. I am already familiar with Linking your Thinking.

Any other suggestions? I searched the forum but there is so much about Obsidian that I’m not locating what I’m looking for. It is a bit like trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack.


I find I spend time on YouTube channels such as the Obsidian Community Talks, Obsidian Office Hours, Effective Remote Work, Bryan Jenks… there’s a lot out there, and watching those ones help to surface additional videos/channels. Anyone talking about their workflows has been especially helpful.

The biggest help I’ve had is joining the Obsidian discord, and hanging out in the channels that are relevant to my interests (specifically academia and knowledge management) and both listen, and ask questions. Videos helped, but engaging directly took me from “What’s Obsidian?” in April to being critical to my workflow in July.


Thanks Leah. I had not run across some of those challenges so I’ll check them. Thanks again!

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