Obsidian-tracker formulas

Things I have tried

Read the Obsidian Tracker docs, searched the forum, tried several approaches naively

What I’m trying to do

I’ve got several tags which I use to store values from 0 to 10 in my daily notes (generally for mood tracking). I’d like to average these values and plot the result using the wonderful obsidian-tracker plugin by @pyrochlore GitHub - pyrochlore/obsidian-tracker: A plugin tracks occurrences and numbers in your notes.

For instance, my daily note might have something like:


I’m looking to combine these into a general “mood” score, which on this day would be (6+7+5+8)/4 = 7.5, and then plot a line graph of that score over time.

How do I do this? It looks as though the tracker plugin may not currently allow expressions to appear as the y coordinate of a graph - is there a workaround?

Hi speedymollusc,

I’m not using the tracker, but it seems that it supports expressions.
Maybe this points you in the right direction?

Best, Michael

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