Obsidian to Wordpress works -> Through Github

Hi there,

I’ve just made a publishing process work quite well from Obsidian to Wordpress. The way it works is to have some folder within my Vault, say, /Web, and then push that folder to a Github repository of mine.

Github will, whenever a push happens, call a Plugin on my Wordpress site, which will take the content and eventually also fetch attached images.

I have blogged about it, using that very process, here:


I had to do some minor hacks, and it is sometimes a bit lagging; I’ve also contacted the developer of the Wordpress-side plugin about the minor issues I had.

But all in all: I can just write content for my blog in Obsidian, including images, and then push it to Github. Github will push it through to my wordpress site.

Hope, this helps someone,



There is a special Obsidian plugin that pushes a note to WP-site via REST or XMLRPC

And it works.