Obsidian theme either not changing, or resetting to default shortly after

What I’m trying to do

Switch my theme to an installed theme (typewriter), and retain that theme once switched.

Things I have tried

This is a relatively recent issue. Starting about a week or so I’ve been having issues switching themes. One of two things happen when I do, either:

  1. Default colours are retained, but in settings the desired theme is listed as the set theme.

  2. Applies the desired theme, but shortly after reverts to default colouring (while still listing the desired theme as the ‘set’ one).

I can’t reliably trigger the problem, it seems to just be a function of time.

Restarting obsidian and reinstalling the theme both work for a brief period, but then the problem reoccurs. The closest post I could find on this ended up being due to an iCloud syncing issue, but this isn’t the case here as mine is not synced through iCloud. It is synced with OneDrive, if that’s relevant, there the correct theme is specified in appearance.json.

Do you have the Workspaces Plus plugin installed?
If so, try disabling it and restart Obsidian.

Just checked, and no, it’s installed but not active.

There are tons of info on issues with vaults on Onedrive. Could be related.

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