Obsidian Sync turns my folders in new Vaults?!

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I have my Obsidian files stored in iCloud using an iPhone and and iPad. I have purchased Obsidian Sync to get better syncing going also to my Windows laptop.

When I activate sync on my laptop my folders in my current vault turn into new vaults in addition to the original vault I had from the beginning.

I have uninstalled and installed Obsidian, created a new Vault with new name, created a new Remote Vault also with a new name several times, but it keeps happening.

Does anyone know how to debug this issue? I have tried all I am aware of.

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Take you vault off of iclould.

Thank you for getting back to me.

But I thought that iCloud was the preferred storing solution for Vaults?
From my iPad and iPhone I am only able to store vaults in iCloud as far as I am aware?

Best regards, Simon

No, I am not sure where you got that from.
You either use iClould or you use Obsidian Sync (unless you are careful and your really know what you are doing)

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