Obsidian Sync Setting, that only syncs recently modified files

I learned, that within “Obsidian Sync” there is no setting, that allows to only sync files with have been modified for less than e.g. a year.

I have a big local vault on my laptop, because I have everything inside my vault, including images, pdfs, videos, … Such a setting would help sync only these files to the mobile device, that probably will be needed, when one is not at the laptop.

Files on the mobile device should be deleted on the mobile device, when their date of last modified expires the period in the settings, but shouldn’t be deleted on the local vault on the laptop.

Advantage for the Obsidian servers:
there wouldn’t be needed so much storage

Is there a chance, that such a feature could be implemented in the near future?

Thanks in advance,

So basically a time-based selective sync?

Would that not defeat the purpose of having everything at your fingertips, anywhere, without distinction of the device you are using?

Either Obsidian can find it or you didn’t work on a document, note or topic.
Ah, wait, it could be older than a “year”.
I need to change the sync options! :wink:

It does not hurt to have an option, but I would not use it.

Yeah, but right now Obsidian Sync is limited to 10GB. So if you have a vault bigger than 10GB, there has to be a selection which files have to be synced anyways, so why not dynamically choose by date last modified? :slight_smile:

For the time being, you could at least set Sync to only sync Markdown files, which are teeny relative to everything else and therefore wouldn’t need to be time-limited.

Another workaround would be to organize your other files into folders by time (maybe year?) and selectively sync just the latest folders.

I don’t think I would use such an option. I did predict a similar issue in my vault though. I therefore link video files into my vault, while I have most PDF’s embedded in the vault. You can easily link instead of copy by holding the CTRL when dropping the file in.

On my laptop the Obsidian Vault is part of my OneDrive folder. My video’s are outside the fault, but also in my OneDrive folder. Therefore, on my laptop I can see everything, while on my laptop the video’s are not there (at all). That doesn’t bother me at all.

This obviously only works because I do not need those big files, even if they are recent on my phone. If you do, this won’t work I suppose.