Obsidian Sync Question: Only sync markdown

Things I have tried

Hello. For Obsidian Sync, can you set it so that only markdown files get synced? I have a lot of other files that are in my vault and I know I will go over the 10gb limit

What I’m trying to do

In the Sync settings, you can exclude certain file types or entire folders.

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Though you have an answer, to me this seems suspicious, and it’s worth double checking. Why are there so many files in your vault?

What are you storing in your vault that is over 10GB? (Just in general… not specifically. I don’t need to know, it’s none of my business.)

I ask, because in the past there were people who tried to use their entire computer Documents or user/home folder as a vault, and I don’t think that is what Obsidian is designed to do.

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