Obsidian Sync payment types

Hi. I’m new to Obsidian (less than a month, although the last week or two it’s been pretty intensive!) but I’m hoping to make it the place I store absolutely everything. I’ve never used cloud storage or syncing services before and I don’t travel without my laptop - I really just use my phone for phones calls and directions and similar. But… if I am really going to put my whole life on Obsidian then I want to have access to it as often as possible. (I have a Mac and an Android phone). I’m a disaster with losing things so Obsidian Sync seems like a no brainer.

I want to take advantage of the increased storage if I sign up NOW (before 1st Jan) but I’m torn between the annual payment and the monthly one. I don’t have much money at all at the moment and it’s a lot to spend on something that I’ve only just started using.

My question is this: does anyone know if I can start with the monthly billing and convert to an annual payment in a couple of months once I know how it’s working and whether I really do use it? And if I do that will I be able to keep the additional storage offered by signing up today?

Thanks all - I love this place already!

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