Obsidian Sync not working

Thisngs I have tried

HI everyone, I recently purchased a subscription for Obsidian Sync, and noticed that my remote vault seems to be stuck at a certain date and doesn’t seem to update past that point. I currently connect my MacBook, iPhone and work laptop.

I first noticed the issue when I made some major changes to notes in my vault on my personal MacBook. WHen I came to open my vault on my work laptop, they didn’t reflect the changes and any new notes I had made were not there. I tried disconnecting my work laptop from my remote vault and re-connecting, but it was the same. I then deleted all the contents of the vault and tried syncing again, and realised that the contents being updated when I sync are from an earlier point in time. I checked my phone and realised that I’m having the same issue with the version and contents of the remote vault being stuck at an earlier point in time.

I’ve had a look at the sync status, and there doesn’t seem to be any errors or issues from what I can see. I’ve also had a look through the Help documentation but I can’t find anything helpful. I did see a thread where someone had to flush their vault and put in some code to automate that, but unfortunately I don’t know how to do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What I’m trying to do

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