Obsidian Sync not working on Manjaro Cinnamon Desktop


  • Obsidian version 0.15.8
  • Desktop running Manjaro Cinnamon

Things I have tried

  • Creating the folder on the desktop first, then connecting it to the remote vault
  • Using the “Open vault from Obsidian Sync” button to create the local vault


  • Obsidian creates the usual “.Obsidian” folder and files in the new vault
  • There is nothing unusual in any of the files in the .Obsidian folder
  • No files are synced between the remote and the local vaults
  • The Sync Status on the Core plugin page says sync is running
  • The Sync Log shows NO errors and says that the files are fully synced

What I’m trying to do

I have purchased Obsidian Sync and have it working perfectly on three devices:

  • Arch OS Desktop
  • Two android phones

However, no matter what I try, the files won’t sync to a fourth device, a desktop running Manjaro Cinnamon


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