Obsidian Sync ( Mobile ) Dialog Windowr

Use case or problem

On Moblie, in File Explorer, above the text. Obsidian shows how many files and folders exist in the vault. When opening Obsidian on Mobile, it would be nice to include a dialog to see status of the sync process.

Proposed solution

Being able to tap the n-files, n-folders and have that open a window with the sync-dialog would be enough in my opinion.

Current workaround (optional)

I open the app and leave it on while I work so that the files sync instantly.

there is, on the other sidebar.

Hi @WhiteNoise , thank you for you note. I don’t see a second sidebar on Mobile while looking at the File Explorer. I only see the one of the left.

swipe from right to left or press and hold the vertical dots menu.

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