Obsidian Sync: Live team collaborative editing

v0.14.10, explained here: A first look at Obsidian Shared Vaults (v0.14.10 insiders beta) - YouTube

Posting for others as I was digging through the release notes for a bit and couldn’t find it, turned out it was buried there.
Note to be taken it seems to require active Obsidian Sync subscription from all collaborators.


A takeaway from the video is it’s not really for parallel editing with multiple people at the same time.

… require active Obsidian Sync subscription from all collaborators

bummer :frowning:

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Not sure if shabegom’s Liveblocks plugin can be a solution for this?

I think it should be possible (with Sychthing for example) for each member of a team to share a read-only folder of their notes. You could not directly edit another’s work, but you could live-comment by linking a note to it, which would show up as a backlink

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What about a plugin that copies the markdown into a collaborative online-editor, like Free Collaborative Markdown Editor - onlinemarkdowneditor.dev
after paste, one can simply copy the web-link and share it

(afterwards the plugin could maybe add the link to the note/front-matter?)

Of course this is not something for privacy-aware people, but it’s free! :slight_smile:

I tried to find other free collaborative markdown-editors, but couldn’t find one yet.
Besides this self-hosted solution: New Plugin: Sync to Etherpad Lite for easy web-based collaboration!

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Obsidian uses Codemirror under the hood and CM has a collaboration plugin:CodeMirror Collaborative Example

It does require a server though, so the Obsidian team would probably have to implement it instead of it being done as a community plugin.


I wouldn’t mind if it were a plugin. But I haven’t seen any collaboration plugin yet