Obsidian Sync: Live team collaborative editing

Good idea


It has been a long time since I want to try out inter-connected gardens.

I think it is essential to experiment to see how it goes!.

One way to implement this is that the participants control their vault, a directory synchronized in P2P. Technically it can use a protocol
such as https://hypercore-protocol.org/, perhaps using Beaker.

Then one can ‘mount’ several directories (vaults) of people you want to follow. And then use obsidian on top to see in real-time any change that happens.

Perhaps the identifier ‘Service URL/QR Code’ could be an identifier of the vault, shared in the P2P network.

I see Obsidian and personal Wikis in general, as an excellent mechanism for collaboration on the Internet. It is less cumbersome and cleaner than write HTML and more flexible than the linearity of, let’s say, a forum.

We know Wikipedia; it worked well.

Perhaps many of us can give it a try, I think it will be worth it


What would be really cool is something like Honk

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This is a very cool app and my mind is racing thinking about potential use cases! Collaboration would be amazing, would gladly purchase a team sync account for that feature. But galaxy-brain level would be to allow users to share private anonymous links to solicit input from folks who don’t have the app. Obviously would require a limited editor web app, not trivial but I think many many teams would adopt this!

Very cool app, kudos


+1 to this! Check out yjs/yjs: Peer-to-peer shared types (github.com). They already have a codemirror implementation as a demo, seems like this could be a surprisingly straightforward implementation…


@brush701 That yjs is impressive!

How do you imagine the interaction with others?

This really is a must for commercial use.
While used by a small minority for a long time, since everyone has become familiar with collaborative tools while working from home for the past couple years, it is something no one wants to lose.

As such, we were just going through approvals for software for the next project, and almost unanimously, that landed as a dealbreaker in the Pugh matrix.


+1 on this request in a big way.

This would be so so useful in an academic setting…

As an alternative, you can open the vault with VSCode and edit it with others using ‘live share’. It’s pretty cool

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I have created a plugin for team collaboration and posted about it here: I created a social network on top of Obsidian


This still hasn’t been implemented? Sorry, but how do they expect teams to use Obsidian? Most platforms have collaborative editing,…

Collaborative vaults are in the insider build.

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v0.14.10, explained here: A first look at Obsidian Shared Vaults (v0.14.10 insiders beta) - YouTube

Posting for others as I was digging through the release notes for a bit and couldn’t find it, turned out it was buried there.
Note to be taken it seems to require active Obsidian Sync subscription from all collaborators.


A takeaway from the video is it’s not really for parallel editing with multiple people at the same time.

… require active Obsidian Sync subscription from all collaborators

bummer :frowning:

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Not sure if shabegom’s Liveblocks plugin can be a solution for this?

I think it should be possible (with Sychthing for example) for each member of a team to share a read-only folder of their notes. You could not directly edit another’s work, but you could live-comment by linking a note to it, which would show up as a backlink

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What about a plugin that copies the markdown into a collaborative online-editor, like Free Collaborative Markdown Editor - onlinemarkdowneditor.dev
after paste, one can simply copy the web-link and share it

(afterwards the plugin could maybe add the link to the note/front-matter?)

Of course this is not something for privacy-aware people, but it’s free! :slight_smile:

I tried to find other free collaborative markdown-editors, but couldn’t find one yet.
Besides this self-hosted solution: New Plugin: Sync to Etherpad Lite for easy web-based collaboration!

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Obsidian uses Codemirror under the hood and CM has a collaboration plugin:CodeMirror Collaborative Example

It does require a server though, so the Obsidian team would probably have to implement it instead of it being done as a community plugin.


I wouldn’t mind if it were a plugin. But I haven’t seen any collaboration plugin yet

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