Obsidian Sync is Syncing all my Computer Files

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Help! No idea what’s going on, or how this software works. I was moving around documents (word docs, folders, simple stuff) around on my computer finder. I have a Mac. I moved them into folders unrelated to my Obsidian Vault. Now Sync is telling me that it’s uploading all my documents. They don’t appear in the Obsidian app anywhere. What is going on?

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally drop them into your vault?

Can you see the files in your vault if you go to Settings > Files & Links and turn on Detect all file extensions?

Is this a new vault/are you new to Obsidian, or is this new behavior?

Go to the vault switcher and hover over the name of your vault to see the full path of its folder. Does that show the folder you expect, or is it higher up?

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