Obsidian sync connection on a BitLocker drive always lost connection

My vault is on a drive protected by BitLocker.

If I think to unlock the drive before opening Obsidian it’s ok and the sync work.

Some time when I open my computer I forget to unlock the drive. And I start Obsidian. The drive is not accessible then Obsidian ask me the location of a vault. I close Obsidian then I unlock the drive and after I re-open Obsidian and I got access to all my documents. But the sync is no more active.

To fix it the sync I need to re-create the vault in another folder from the cloud storage.

Obsidian should not clear sync credentials / settings like that.

I hope there is enough information.

This is not a bug. If you remove and add a vault, which is what happens from obsidian perspective sync is reset. It’s also a security measure.

Maybe the app can have an optional checkbox / configuration feature where you setup the sync that can keep information even if the vault is not accessible momentary like I described.

Open a FR for that

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