Obsidian Sync - Can I restore a vault to yesterday?

So I have obsidian on another device, it was synced using obsidian git. I decided to log into my obsidian account and sync it with obsidian sync.

(This is a device I haven’t used in a long time)

It had a super old version of my vault with a lot of files I’ve deleted and a totally different structure. I was hoping logging into sync would just bring it up to scratch with my current vault.

Now I have a super messy vault with everything from both structures. I should have created an empty vault and then synced it.

Unfortunately it’s too late. Is there a way - with obsidian sync - to neatly rollback my vault one day? (Is there a web interface of sync where I can see my remote vaults)

It won’t work with obsidian-git, for some reason there’s no git backups since a week ago which means I’d lose too much…

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

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