Obsidian Sync across multiple Mac laptop keeps reverting data to older version

Steps to reproduce

Hey everyone, has anyone seen issues with files being overwriten when using Obsidian sync across multiple computers? I recently started using Obsidian Sync to sync data across 2 Mac laptops (one that I use for work, and another one I use for personal stuff). After finishing working on my notes on my work laptop, I sometimes use the personal laptop in the evening, but I notice that as soon as I fire up Obsidian on my personal laptop, it OVERWRITES all the edits from the day that I made on my work laptop (reverting them back to the version I had on my personal laptop before). This happened yesterday first, and I had to manually go to every modified file (using the list I retried from the sync log) and revert each file manually. Same thing happened again today - it’s so frustrating. Has anyone faced this issue before?

Expected result

I expect to latest changes to be synced over to my other laptop (instead of that laptop reverting changes back)…

Actual result

The other laptop reverts changes back in the remote vault…


  • Operating system: Mac OS Mojave on personal laptop, Mac OS Big Sur on work laptop
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian 0.12.15 on both laptops

Additional information

(I should mention that I’m using Logseq and Obsidian together, but I don’t think that should matter, since Logseq is not doing any syncronization, and it’s just reading from the Obsidian vault)…

Is it possible the clocks are out of sync between your machines? Perhaps your laptop’s clock is off by a bit so it thinks its local changes are newer?

It’s possible that Logseq is writing back to the vault files when they’ve been changed in Obsidian - have you tried having Logseq closed and only run Obsidian?

If that’s the case then you may want to look into whether a plugin is doing something funky.