Obsidian shows white screen when you come back after suspending your computer

When I suspend put my computer and come back Obsidian shows white screen. I’m using Ubuntu 20.04. Refreshing using Ctrl + R does not fix it. I think it might be related to gpu acceleration. I had similar issue with brave browser on disabling gpu acceleration it started working fine. I think this might be issue in electron js package.

Hi, I’ve been having similar issues here — after using other windows and returning to Obsidian (or sometimes when maximizing Obsidian), the entire window area (including the titlebar) is simply filled with black or white. I’ve also had rare occurrences of parts of the window being occluded by white rectangles and not redrawing. Restarting Obsidian always fixes the issue.

I’m on Pop! OS 20.04, also with GPU acceleration (NVIDIA 440.100). I agree “upstream” sounds like the right way to label this, though I don’t know where to go to report this. Happy to help diagnose further.

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Thanks @jgauthier I did remove the label “upstream” though. But I think I should add it back.

but do you have similar issues in other electron based applications like vscode, atom, brave browser…?

@Rafi could you fill out the template of the bug report? It’s important to know what version of Obsidian you are using.

Hello there after upgrading to version 0.9.1 I don’t have this issue anymore.