Obsidian shows one note, and one only, as empty


I have Obsidian 1.5.3 managing a vault with over 2K notes, stored locally on my Ubuntu desktop.

All is fine, except that ONE note, and one only, looks empty in the editor, even if it’s not empty at all. As you can see in the screenshot, all the frontmatter and content are there, when I open it with any other editor.

What is happening? I have obscured some parts of the frontmatter because those are “private” data I can’t put online, but as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with them. And all the other notes with the SAME frontmatter template, just different tag values, show up without any problem. Any idea??


Try making a backup copy of the file, able then start removing stuff from the file until you can read it again.

The file isn’t that big, so I’d try removing line by line until it’s fixed. When the offending line has been found, please do report back what caused the issue.

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Of course, the reason was stupid, and of course I only found it 10 minutes after posting here…

There are TWO notes with that same file name, one in (relative to the vault’s root) “notes/”, and one in “notes/sources”.

Only the second one is the REAL note, and it’s still there unaltered, while the other file IS actually empty and just shouldn’t exist.

So what I think that happened is that

  • first, surely I created the other empty copy by mistake, no memory or idea of why/how it happened
  • but Obsidian, when I click on any link to that note inside any other notes, starts traversing the vault hierarchy top down, and just opens the first file with that name that it finds. Since the bogus file was one level higher, that’s the only one it opened

Makes sense?

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