Obsidian "Short-Term Working Memory Stack" : Cycling Clipboard of Most Recently Visited Note Links

As we go about note gardening, we often hop back and forth between notes creating, updating links.

It would be useful to have a “grab bag” of links to recently visited notes that we can paste in as we go along. This would be a parallel clipboard to the system one, so there would be no conflict/overwrite. The “link stack clipboard” could be called via command/hotkey. The Most Recent Note (MRN) would be at the top and being the first to be popped of the special clipboard, then the next, then the next, etc. till the oldest visited file would be on the bottom of the stack. Commands/hotkey to just paste the most MRN link without opening the clipboard.

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Sounds very interesting, especially for mobile. I am curious whether there would be a ui. If so, how would the ui be different from the Recent Files plugin?


Not sure about mobile. But at least on the desktop I’m envisioning a pop-up modal sort of like the “Ctrl-O” search with a list of links sorted with the most recent one first and pre-selected. Return inserts the selected one, arrow keys to select another link, and maybe fuzzy searching to filter?

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After you type the brackets but before you type any letters, the link autocomplete suggestions already show the most recently opened notes (or maybe the most recently changed, I’m not sure) — maybe that’s of some use to you.


Thanks. As a workaround, dragging files over from the “Recent Files” section, as @I-d-as suggested, does the job as well.

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It’s a little different and a little more “nerdy” than what’s been already suggested, but a clipboard manager might also be helpful for the discussed purpose. I’m using the one provided by Keyboard Maestro. [Ctrl–H] opens a window with the clipboard history and, from there, one has easy access to previously cut or copied material.

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I think that “nerdy” may not necessarily be a negative with this audience, or, at least, myself :slight_smile: I have an OS (Ubuntu) clipboard manager as well. Where this plugin would add value would the automatic background collection of visited note links as we move about, i.e., without the manual need to copy them to the clipboard. If nothing, because many times I don’t even realize that I need a link to a particular note till I’ve hopped into another related note (or two) and then think it would be good to link back to the first note here etc.

Yes, I see your point and I +1 your suggestion.

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