Obsidian Send

Or “Send to Obsidian”, would be a feature that is basically Amazon’s “Send to Kindle”. Given a file, triggered via a simple post request, an email or some such, it would drop the file into a designated location in your vault.

The simplest and most approachable implementation would be an email associated with your OB account. E.g. I have designated “Reception” folder in my vault, and my email receptacle is [email protected]. A bit of text that I sent to this email would be received and dumped into this folder in my vault at the next time OB is open and receiving data.

Use scenario:

  • Share from Android/iOS. I have a link I’d like to watch and annotate later. I’ll use the share feature, select my favorite email tool, and send it to [email protected]. Moments later, via the same process as Sync, this file lands in my vault.
  • Archiving emails. I forward a helpful message from a friend on how to cook Coca-cola chicken to my vault, except this time I’m sending it to [email protected]. The suffixing would make it so that the email ends up in the recipes subfolder in my Reception folder. Emails are html too, and I imagine it’s not a terrible effort to reverse them to md files.
  • IFTTT. Whenever I send a tweet (which is never, actually), IFTTT would react by sending an email containing the body of the tweet to my receptacle. It would then be added to my tweets folder in Obsidian.
  • …if it works with IFTTT it would work with virtually anything.

I imagine this would not be a free service due to the need to host servers to ensure reliable routing of messages and such, but I also imagine this would be a service people would readily pay for. It would be even nicer if this produces side effects like a “Share to OB” button in iOS and Android and maybe even Chrome plugins, but emails as a first implementation would lay foundations for other, nicer things. Plus, a universal medium such as email would reduce the need for per-application integration for 3rd parties, though of course an open API would be even nicer.

Current workarounds seem to mainly be dropbox and sync, but this seems like a feature people who don’t use Sync would also not dislike, plus it would remove the middleman.


Well said and EXACTLY what I need. It would make Obsidian more universal for me.

Please consider adding!!!


Since you mentioned IFTTT, I thought I should mention Integromat’s markdown integrations as a possible workaround. The basic service is free, and it looks like it might do what you want.

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+1 for this request.

(That said, I have a stronger preference for Obsidian-developed native-OS share extensions on macOS and iOS/iPadOS.)


+1 from me too. It is about the only feature I used in Evernote that I haven’t been able to do in Obsidian easily.

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Metoo on this one. It would be hugely useful and well worth paying for

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Another vote for this feature. Being able to have Obsidian in the CC list of an email as provided in Trello and Day One (to name but two) would be tremendously useful.


+1 from me. Would greatly expand capture possibilities.

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Triple pluses for me! One key missing feature!

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Using Integromat (send to Gmail <my_account>+obsidian@ triggers “HTML->Markdown”) and Obsidian Webhooks plug-in (Integromat launches a POST request to Obsidian Webhooks) → note is added in my vault for every e-mail send to that address.

Works fine for e-mail (even HTML renderes fine since the “Live Preview” feature of Obsidian); attachments are not supported, I fear.

It’s a start :slight_smile: .


+1 from me

Absolutely! I need this feature daily.

Hi @bwydoogh !
Is this workaround still working for you?
Just want to make sure I invest my time in the right area :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback.

Anyone else with an alternative solution for sending mail content to obsidian?

Yes. Works fine. No issues at all :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, are you able to post specifics in how to set this up? I’ve got the obsidian web hooks setup and I think I have integromat mostly setup but I am failing on the POST webhook part, I can’t get it to post to obsidian with a new note.


This should do it (no need for those headers) (example = webhook creating new file in my INBOX folder); the content of “Request content” is markdown:

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Just bumping by his thread. +1 to the feature request, echoing the above, that this is the only thing I miss from Evernote.

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I got this to work with IFTTT and OneDrive on Windows.

Send emails to [email protected], set up an IFTTT app to take that email and create a markdown document in OneDrive. If you have your vault in OneDrive, you’re set. If not, set up a symbolic link in OneDrive to your vault location.