Obsidian Scaling too small

Things I have tried

Reinstalling Obsidian
Keyboard mashing in hope I would hit hotkeys that would fix it
Searching on Obsidian help

What I’m trying to do

I’ve recently instaled Obsidian and accidentally hit *.

Then it would scale down the whole app. Just a tiny bit. But I wanted to get it back so I thought that if I would hit * enough times it would reset the scaling back to normal but now I have the scaling so small that I can’t even read any text. I just want the scaling to go back to normal.

Perhaps this is similar to: Tiny scale of application GUI - can't use the program - #2 by pop

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Unfortunately that didn’t work. Nothing happens when I press CTRL and + or - or 0.

and your keyboard is US english?

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(I suggest trying pop’s help first. This answer is about trying to reset settings by deleting files.)

If it’s a setting inside your vault, then reinstalling the app won’t change anything.

Is it the whole app, or just your vault? Open the Help Sandbox vault and see if it looks ok. Or make a new vault and see if it looks ok.

Backup first!

Assuming you can’t find a hotkey to fix this problem:

If other vaults look ok, then it is your vault settings. Go inside your vault .obsidian folder. Somewhere in there will be a file that stores this view setting. I don’t know which file! But if you close Obsidian, delete that file, and reopen, it should fix the problem.

Backup first!

Yes, I’ve tried both with US English keyboard and Czech keyboard (my native language).

It looks like setting in whoĺe app. When I create new vault it is same.

Alright, I’ve found that Obsidian is instaled in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Obsidian and C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\obsidian
So I’ve deleted both and reinstaled. And then it was as new!
But big thanks to @pop and @rigmarole for helping me!


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