Obsidian remained open

Steps to reproduce

Close Obsidian under unclear conditions

Expected result

Obsidian closes cleanly

Actual result

An Obsidian process remained in the background, eating about half a gig of RAM at worst. Looked like it was leaking


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:
    App: 0.12.19
    Installer: 0.12.19

Additional information

The only thing I can think of is that I closed Obsidian mid-sync, which may have caused some kind of unclean exit.

If you find reproducible steps, let us know.

Not a replication, but some hints at least: The bug is probably in Electron. Had a similar case of a closed app having a leaking process stay open and choke the system, this time with Todoist which also runs on Electron as far as I know.

Happened again. Opened Obsidian, checked a file (didn’t edit), closed Obsidian. Sync was done. Window closed smoothly, but the Obsidian process is still in background with consistently high CPU load. RAM usage is reduced initially, but keeps creeping up. Over the course of writing this post, it’s crept from ~140MB to ~180MB, and keeps rising.

Does it eventually close?

Nope, forgot to end the process. It’s still open, consuming ~30% CPU and up to 400MB of RAM as I write this. Seems to have no impact on disk or network.

Do you use third party plugins?

Does this happen in safe mode?

I have Advanced Tables and Checklist installed & enabled, Obsidian TODO and Style Settings installed but not enabled.

Haven’t tried safe mode yet.

Update: Another user on Discord reported memory leak issues with the Checklist community plugin, I disabled it and will see if the memory leak behavior persist. Thus far it’s crickets, which is promising.

I’ll add for posterity that I haven’t had any resource-hogging problems since disabling the Checklist plugin.