Obsidian reloads worksheet on iPhone long texts

Looks like when I’m writing a text on my iPhone obsidian, it reload whole worksheet (as it writes on waiting bar).
Currently it was on document with 414 words (2675 symbols). And then every several minutes it reloads again. It’s quite disgusted and makes me angry because it starts on first line after it and I should go to the place I writed.

I’m not sure why it happens. I’ve tried to disable plugins but the result was the same.
Anybody suggest how to debug it and find a bug to suggest to developers to fix.
I even don’t know how to provide proper bug report. It’s all disappointing me.
Thanks for you help in advance.

I have an older iPad and usually I edit documents that can be very long (1500 lines) and I don’t see this.

Could you make a screencast and upload as a gif?

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