Obsidian Release v1.2.0 (Insider build)

Released March 29, 2023

Shiny new things

  • Added new Bookmarks core plugin.


  • Search: New UI for toggling search options.
  • Hotkey Settings: Added menu to filter hotkeys by assigned, unassigned. Added button to filter by hotkey.
  • Added Editor setting to open new tabs in the background.
  • Links with folder paths will now automatically insert an alias to the base filename (e.g. [[folder/file]] will expand to [[folder/file|file]])
  • Added “Close tab group” command.
  • Suggest modals now support “page down” and “page up” as well as “home” and “end” keys for faster keyboard navigation.

No longer broken

  • Canvas: Fixed query blocks not rendering in text cards.
  • Export to PDF will now always export in “light mode.”
  • Fixed slider tooltip overlapping with cursor.
  • macOS: Fixed Export to PDF rendering the wrong font.
  • Fixed folding arrows being misaligned on list items.
  • macOS: double-clicking the sidebar close buttons in the window frame will no longer trigger the window getting fullscreened.
  • Fixed “Fold more” command not folding the current line if the cursor is on top of a heading.