Obsidian Release v1.1.6 (Insider build)

Released December 16, 2022


  • Canvas: Inline titles now render in file cards when enabled.
  • Canvas: Replaced the “Copy screenshot” canvas menu item with a new “export as image” menu option. This will allow you to export either the current viewport or a full high resolution version of your canvas.
  • Canvas: Embedded canvases now show the connection lines in addition to the card boxes.

No longer broken

  • Renaming a file will no longer cause the current scroll position to be lost.
  • Canvas: File-specific options have been removed file card’s context menu if the card is narrowed to a specific heading.
  • Canvas: Dragging a nested group will no longer try to snap to itself. This was causing some jittering.
  • Canvas: fixed “Replace” command not working in canvas file cards.
  • Canvas: Fixed an issue where following links from the canvas would prevent editor-specific hotkeys from firing.
  • Canvas: Fixed loading a website in a pop-out window causes Obsidian to crash on boot.