Obsidian Release v1.1.5 (Insider build)

Released December 14, 2022


  • Embedded canvases now render a diagram of the underlying canvas. This works for canvases embedded within markdown files (i.e. ![[daily_notes.canvas]]) or embedded on another canvas.
  • Canvas: Add new options to distribute vertically/horizontally, stack vertically/horizontally, and auto-organize cards into grid.
  • Canvas: The Find/replace menu (Ctrl/Cmd+F) now works inside cards embedded in the canvas.
  • Canvas: Web pages now has a menu to open in the browser, you can also Ctrl/Cmd-click the card label.
  • Canvas: Slight performance improvements when interacting with larger canvases.
  • Canvas: Added “Go to source” and “Go to target” menu items on the connection context menu to quickly jump to nodes.
  • Canvas: Ctrl/Cmd + Drag now shows a menu to quickly add a card or create a group where your selection is.
  • Canvas: Images, websites, videos, and audio will now always render instead of becoming a grey box when zoomed out.
  • Sync: When merging during a sync conflict, the original local version is now stored in File Recovery (if enabled).

No longer broken

  • Fixed bug preventing hotkeys from being set if there is no default hotkey.
  • Canvas: Links and embeds inside text cards will now properly get updated when the target files are renamed.
  • Canvas: Fixed duplicating groups not copying their children cards.
  • Canvas: Fixed bug where opening a new canvas in a hidden tab would occasionally go blank and crash.
  • Canvas: Fixed bug causing some websites to crash when moving a canvas view to a popout window.
  • Canvas: Fixed issue where websites could not be interacted with in a popout window.
  • Canvas: PDFs should be slightly less blurry.
  • Canvas: Fixed bug where cards are unable to resize when an adjacent card is touching.