Obsidian Release v1.1.4 (Insider build)

Released December 12, 2022

New shiny things

  • Canvas: Added “Groups” to canvas. Groups can be thought of as placemats for your cards. They always render below cards and allow you to drag a group of cards at once. To create a group, select multiple cards, right-click, and choose ‘Create group.’


  • Canvas: Improved performance when interacting with large canvases.
  • Canvas: On Windows and Linux, you now hold Ctrl to duplicate the selection instead of Alt. On macOS, this is still Option+Drag.
  • Canvas: Added right-click and drag to pan around the viewport.
  • Canvas: Added ‘copy screenshot’ menu item.
  • Canvas: Added ‘reset zoom’ button.
  • Canvas: Double-clicking the bottom of a card now auto expands it to the size of the contents.
  • Canvas: The canvas will always zoom to fit on open.
  • Canvas: PDFs and iframes that have been interacted with will stay loaded even when zoomed out.
  • Canvas: text cards now have dynamic padding so they shouldn’t appear with scrollbars on small sizes.
  • Canvas: Web pages now have a label with the site title.
  • Canvas: Right-clicking on web pages now gives the option to copy the URL or reload the page.

No longer broken

  • Canvas: The connection menu will exclude embeds.
  • Canvas: Fixed issue where deleted cards and connections would sometimes reappear and be un-selectable.
  • Adding a hotkey to a default hotkey no longer results in the default hotkey being removed.


  • Canvas files are now multi-line formatted when saved. This should make the diffs more human-readable when stored in version control.