Obsidian Release v1.1.3 (Insider build)

Released December 9, 2022


  • Live Preview has been tweaked to avoid flashes of “unstyled” content while scrolling through larger documents.
  • Canvas: We have updated how colors work inside of Canvas. The six colors in the color palette are now themeable. There is a new 7th slot with a color picker.
  • Canvas: Added a new menu item to paste in a web URL. Right clicking on an existing web page in Canvas now shows an option to change the URL.
  • Canvas: YouTube links will now automatically get inserted as Youtube’s embed version.
  • Canvas: There’s a new ‘help’ button to view all the currently hotkeys available for Canvas.
  • Canvas: Dragging a connection line from a file card now shows a menu with all outgoing links to quickly add them as connections.
  • Canvas: Added a new ‘Narrow…’ menu option to file cards. This will narrow the card contents to only the selected heading.

No longer broken

  • The frontmatter YAML will now always be hidden in reading mode. The “Show frontmatter” toggle now toggles the metadata section.
  • macOS: Fixed bug in Canvas where cards would drag when ctrl-clicking.
  • Fixed issue when using multiple cursors where an extra cursor would appear in the top right.
  • .canvas files now show in the editor link suggest.
  • Linux: middle-clicking on the canvas will no longer trigger ‘paste.’


  • Added a notice when opening a Canvas that fails to parse.