Obsidian Release v1.1.13 (Insider build)

Released February 13, 2023

Shiny new things

  • Canvas: content from text cards will now appear as results in global searches.
  • Canvas: Added support for resizing multiple cards at once.
  • Canvas: Added “Readonly” mode for canvases. While in readonly mode, a canvas and its contents cannot be modified.
  • Canvas: Groups can now have a background image.


  • Canvas: Added support for YouTube timestamped links.
  • Canvas: Added “convert to file” command to the command palette.
  • Canvas: Added new setting to specify the default canvas file location.
  • Added a short delay before showing tooltips in the app.
  • Canvas: Alignment menu is now shown when a group is selected.
  • Canvas: Cards can be resized regardless of zoom level.
  • Canvas: recent files and recent attachments are now kept track of separately, so the attachments modal should be filled with more useful options.
  • Canvas: improved the behavior of macOS “Smart zoom.” Now double tapping the trackpad will always zoom to the node under the cursor.
  • When editing at the bottom of the window, the view will now scroll to have enough room to show the current line of text above the status bar.

No longer broken

  • Fixed bug where linking to blocks would autocomplete the full file path even when “shortest path when possible” is set.
  • Fixed bug where linking to a heading in the current file would sometimes insert the full path.
  • Markdown lists will now properly be renumbered when pressing Enter twice to escape a sublist.
  • Canvas: Fixed bug where opening a card in its on tab would not scroll to the correct block or heading.
  • Canvas: slightly improved “Export as image” so that it waits for content to be loaded before capturing the image.
  • Canvas: Fixed bug where dragging a note into canvas would not properly give focus to the canvas view.
  • Canvas: Allow dragging multiple folders from the file explorer into a canvas.
  • Obsidian Sync: Added a warning if you keep your vault in a folder that is managed by iCloud that Obsidian Sync and iCloud may conflict with one another.
  • “Follow link under cursor” commands will now create a new canvas file if the linked canvas (i.e. [[dashboard.canvas]]) doesn’t exist. Previously a markdown file called dashboard.canvas would get created.
  • Removed the redundant :link: icon from the tab header for linked tabs.
  • Fixed LaTeX syntax highlighting.
  • Fixed Mermaid gitgraph colors.
  • File explorer: ensure that leading and trailing spaces are always stripped when renaming a file.
  • Fixed but with “fold less” command not unfolding content on the selected line.
  • File BOM will now automatically be stripped when Obsidian reads a file.