Obsidian Release v1.1.10 (Insider build)

Released January 10, 2023


  • Deleting a file now closes its tab if there are other tabs in the tab group.
  • Canvas: Added new “Narrow to block…” menu option. This works the same way as “Narrow to heading” but offers finer grained narrowing options.
  • Canvas: New “Jump to group” command allows quickly jumping to a group by name.
  • Canvas: You can now nudge selected cards with the arrow keys. Use shift to move the cards at a greater multiple.
  • Canvas: Added a new Canvas settings tab for configuring Canvas preferences for your entire vault. The currently available settings include:
    • Use scroll wheel zoom instead of pan
    • Options to hide the card labels
    • Global setting for “snap to grid” and “snap to objects”
    • Configurable zoom threshold for when cards switch from showing their content to just showing the card title
  • Obsidian Sync’s settings page will now warn you if your vault is in Dropbox, iCloud, or OneDrive. Using multiple sync providers can lead to data conflicts.

No longer broken

  • Fixed bug where embeds and code blocks in Live Preview were not properly unloaded when switching files.
  • Fixed bug where large images were not properly scaled in the hover preview popups.
  • Canvas: Headings are always visible in narrowed cards regardless of “Show inline titles” preference.
  • Fixed context menu position when using “Show context menu under cursor” command while “native menus” is enabled.
  • Fixed markdown tags with underscore not displaying correctly in Live Preview.
  • Fixed indented images not rendering properly indented.
  • Canvas: Fixed nodes not always loading cards on their correct layers.
  • Canvas: Fixed linux middle click.
  • Canvas: Fixed bug where dragging cloned nodes were not properly snapping to objects.


  • Fixed Menu.showAtPosition not working when user has enabled “native menus.”
  • Fixed processFrontMatter passing null when frontmatter section is empty, fixed not working with CRLF line endings.