Obsidian Release v1.1.1 (Insider build)

Released December 8, 2022


  • Canvas: ‘delete’ has been renamed to ‘remove’ to avoid confusion.
  • Canvas: cards can now be dragged by the filename label.
  • Canvas: Ctrl/Command-clicking on a filename label will open that file in a new tab.
  • Other plugin views should now properly respond to selecting a card in the Canvas. This includes the Outline pane, the Backlinks pane, etc.
  • Templates core plugin properly inserts into the canvas editor.
  • The viewport will now pan while dragging nodes close to the edge of the screen.
  • Pressing Shift-enter inside the file select modal in canvas will now create a file based on your current input (same as the quick switcher behavior).
  • Improved appearance of file name modal when using “Convert to file…” Canvas action.
  • Increased the max zoom distance in Canvas.

No longer broken

  • Sync: canvas files will now sync between devices (oops!)
  • Canvas: fixed bug causing editor to occasionally lose track of inserted text and cursor position when typing quickly.
  • Canvas: connections cannot be drawn from a card back to itself.
  • Canvas: fixed issue where shift-clicking on a card would cause the editor to appear in an unfocused card.
  • Canvas: fixed text suggest menu not closing when clicking outside of a card.
  • Canvas: Fixed dragging links from cards into their own cards.
  • Canvas: Fixed dragging links from the embedded canvas editor.
  • File explorer: added back missing ‘Open in new window’ command to the context menu


See v1.1.1 in the Developer CHANGELOG.